Recreational classes cover all levels of interest, from the entry level student who would like to experience a dance class at any age, to the dance student who is interested in experiencing dance without the commitment of a stricter schedule. There are several styles of dance class available to accommodate your child. All of the classes and programs listed are included in our recital that is held in Wakefield.

For tuition information, please see the Fall Schedule page.

Preschool Dance for the Tiny Twos
This class is a 30 minute dance class which incorporates pre-ballet in the form of movement, stories and imagery. It is a great introduction for your young toddler to try a fun beginner dance class format.

Preschool - Kindergarten
A 45 minute ballet / tap combination class for ages 3 years old. The class consists of pre-ballet, creative movement, light tumbling and basic tap rhythm and motor skills

Preschool Hip Hop
A 45 minute class for ages 3 - 5 years consisting of hip hop style movement geared for the young dancer as well as basic tumbling skills on mats.

Ballet / Tap Combination
A one hour dance class for the student interested in experiencing both dance disciplines. It consists of a ballet barre and center work as well as tap rhythms. There is also an introduction to jazz. The class will perform two routines in the year end recital.

Ballet / Jazz Combination
A one hour dance class which students will experience both ballet and jazz techniques. The class will perform two routines in the year end recital.

BOYS - CREW Hip Hop Dance Classes with Shawn
ALL boys hip-hop style dance class, ages 7 years and up.

This is a traditional jazz class with formal jazz technique. The class consists of a warm-up, stretch, center floor and across the floor combinations as well as center floor combinations. The class length varies depending on age and level.

Hip Hop
A 45 minute class consisting of the new and current dance styles and forms featured in today's pop hip-hop culture, the class is set up usually in conjunction with a balllet/jazz for the students convenience.

This is a 30 or 45 minute class (depending on age of student) which usually follows the ballet / jazz combination class. This class focuses on tap technique and rhythm skills. Students perform one routine in the annual recital held in Wakefield.


We are excited to bring the Adaptive Dance Program to our studio spear-headed by former student Olivia Romano. Olivia has a Master's of Education from Salem State University and majored in Special Education with a dance minor at Providence College. She is a MA licensed teacher of students with Moderate Disabilities. In her pursuit to bring dance to all students Olivia recently completed the Adaptive Dance Training program from the Boston Ballet.

The program is for children with mild to moderate needs and the class will be based in creative movement with ballet technique support. The class will reinforce balance, posture and alignment, spatial awareness, coordination and sequencing, musicality and rhythm, knowledge of dance, creativity and self-expression and confidence.



  • Maintain a low student-teacher ratio
  • Small class size
  • Showcase and performance opportunities
  • Encourage positive relationships, social and emotional growth, teamwork, creative thinking, self- expression and confidence
  • Inspire creative movement through the use of props and literature
  • Incorporate musical instruments to develop musicality and rhythm




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